Security & Safeguard Escorts

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Crewmember Safeguard Escorts

  • Safeguard security officer provide transportation and escort of crewmembers that have or have not been placed under an order to detain (I-259) until the crew member departs the country.
  • Check crewmembers in upon arrival to airport and provide confirmation of departure.
  • Crewmembers requiring medical treatment.
  • Transportation to and from point of entry.

Stowaway Repatriation

  • Safeguard stowaways that have been arrested by any law enforcement agency.
  • Arrange and obtain travel documents and prepare the stowaway for repatriation.
  • Provide side-by-side escort to country of origin.

Unarmed and Armed Security Guards and / or Off-Duty Police Officers

    • Our goal is to continue to provide quality service through our Security Guards and Off-Duty Officers. In order to assure that we provide the quality service necessary to the Agents, Ship Owners, Charters, CBP, and USCG, we must make sure that we are all educated on what our goals and objectives are when we are assigned to provide armed and unarmed security to these vessels.


  • In the maritime world, safety and security are closely linked. Long before the events of September 11, the shipping industry promoted safety and security. In December of 2002, during a diplomatic conference, a new International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities (ISPS Code) was approved.

What is the ISPS code?

    • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires all ships to comply with the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) as a measure to enhance maritime security. The ISPS code established standards for security, roles and responsibilities, methodology for assessing security and requires that certified security plans for both ships and facilities are in place. The US Coast Guard will adhere to the ISPS through the enforcement of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA).


  • Due to September 11th and the new ISPS Code Maritime Vessel Security has become a consistent need for the Port of Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast Area. Danner’s Incorporated has been fortunate to be one of the companies that have a long history of providing this type of service to the Ports.

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