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Brad Maxcey

VP Business Development

Brad is a key component of the executive team at Danner’s, Inc. and spends his time making sure the Danner’s team delivers superior security and service to Danner’s clients. When he’s not keeping the machine humming, Brad serves as vice president of the Houston International Seafarers board as well as serving on the board of the Greater Houston Port Bureau.



Guy Savage

Business Development Executive

A veteran of multiple industries, Guy has customized solutions for a range of clients, including; construction, industrial, automotive, commercial, and facility protection. Guy is very perceptive and analytical, delivering modern, cost effective security solution options. Guy was a consultant, business analyst, and held senior positions in the oil & gas and environmental testing industries.



Christopher Keeble

Security & Surveillance Operations

Christopher Keeble advises businesses on the best, customized security solution to reduce loss and deter crime. He got his start consulting with commercial clients for the largest security company in the world, and is familiar with burglar alarm systems, access control and CCTV. If you’d like a no-nonsense approach to assessing then reducing risk at your business, contact Christopher now.


Why Danner’s Security?

We know what works!  Security is what we have been doing for over 74 years and we fully understand all types of traditional security services. Our mission statement: “The company pledge is to provide quality services to all our clients using strategic planning and communication technology while meeting or exceeding the needs of each customer.”  Along with our traditional security services, we offer new technology that meets our mission statement for our clients today and we will always strive in providing the most cost-effective solutions for our clients tomorrow. TX License B00257


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