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Danners Security Monitoring

The only way we can answer that question is to come out and look at what you’re trying to protect and how you’re protecting it now. One thing is certain: we can save you a great deal of money if you’re paying for guards that can be replaced by pro-active video monitoring. Contact us today to schedule your free risk assessment and we’ll answer that question.

We can get help there faster than any other monitoring company.  There are three ways we can help right away: put a guard on the property within 24 hours, deliver a mobile video monitoring unit within 24-48 hours, or we might be able to tap into your existing camera system. We’re fast! Call and find out how fast.

Police respond to many false burglar alarms every day. Those calls don’t seem to be a high priority. We have experienced extremely fast police response times when our video monitoring officers verified an intrusion. There’s something about telling police “I’m looking at an intruder right now” that gets police to a client’s property right away.

Generally speaking, if you have expensive property stored outside, no matter who you are, we can help. We’ve worked with construction and property management companies, truck and auto dealerships as well as a variety of manufacturing and other industrial/commercial businesses. If we’re not a good fit for your business, we’ll let you know who might be a good fit.

We provide armed and unarmed security guards, all licensed by the State of Texas.

When we talk to you, we’re not going to try and impress you with a lot of technical details that will put you to sleep. We’ve been doing security for over 74 years and we know what works! Event based surveillance is simply a means by which we help our customers set up electronic devices for routine monitoring and evaluation of an event that results in a specific reporting method. Our #1 goal is to prevent theft, vandalism, and/or damage to your property. Our proven reporting methods are site-specific to each location; therefore, each response is tailored for our customers needs.

Our state of the art video monitoring software detects any motion and sends a live video image to our licensed security officers from a remote location. Our officers are trained on how to handle any potential threat as if they were observing the intruders on-site. Our dispatch servers log all video events as back-up and allows our security officers to review an event for communication to the proper authorities.

Nope.  Of course there’s a contract, but depending on the circumstances we’re happy to work things on a month-to-month basis
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