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Guard Against Crime with Hidden and Visible Surveillance Cameras

Installing a system of surveillance cameras is one of the simplest and most effective strategies to implement when it comes to protecting your business and property. Security cameras continue to remain a popular option as they make a concrete record of… read more

Preventing and Responding to Employee Theft

One of the top security concerns for business owners is the theft of expensive supplies and equipment. Oftentimes a crime such as this is conducted by outside sources, however it is equally important to be concerned about internal security. Even if you… read more

Jobsite Security Solutions

When it comes to businesses that are at an increased risk of theft and property damage, construction sites sit firmly near the top of the list. Theft and property damage on construction and jobsites is a large problem across America, but especially so in… read more

Top Elements to Consider when Choosing a Security Company

Deciding that you may need a security service to help manage the protection of your business is an important decision and represents a new commitment of financial resources. The process can be confusing and business owners and operators are often not… read more

Benefits of Camera Systems for Car Dealership Security

When criminals are casing potential locations to commit a crime, statistics show they veer toward easy targets where there is a quick in-and-out opportunity with high reward. Because of this, car dealerships are often a common target for thieves. Items… read more

Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Systems

Technology in the surveillance industry has evolved markedly in the past few years. While once tied to fixed cameras and CCTV systems, mobile surveillance equipment now allows business owners to cheaply and easily monitor their businesses and worksites… read more

Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry Systems

One of the most pressing issues for businesses of all sizes is how best to grant access to authorized personnel and keep out intruders. For centuries, the lock-and-key system has been the dominant method through which to secure doors, warehouses, and… read more

Equipment Rental Facility Surveillance

Remote Video Monitoring & Security Guard Services If you manage a business that rents equipment out to customers, your livelihood depends on the security of that equipment. If your equipment gets stolen or vandalized, you lose money and you could… read more

Mobile Video Surveillance

Trailer & Pole Mounted Security Camera Surveillance Portable Surveillance Systems – Houston TX and Surrounding Areas Engineered to deter, detect and document unwanted activity, this unit can be deployed almost anywhere and is equipped for bot… read more

Home Construction Security with Danner’s Pole Mounted Cameras

We shared some crime prevention tips last year, listing some common-sense strategies for business owners to reduce crime on their properties. Today we’re expanding on those tips. Home builders, neighborhood associations, house flippers, and other rea… read more

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