Wireless Security Camera Systems

Partner With Danner’s to Deploy Your Wireless Security Camera System

We know what works! Security is what we have been doing for over 74 years. Danner’s offers traditional security along with new and proven wireless security camera systems. Whatever your circumstance or application, we have the experience, assets and cost effective technology to deliver the right solution.

Please check out some of the products we use to help protect assets stored outside. TX License B00257

Danner’s Video Security equipment line:

Pole Mounted Unit Power Trailer Unit Solar Trailer Unit Custom Fixed Solutions
PRICING $ $$ $$$ $$$
HIGHLIGHTS Virtual Guard Protection
Fast Temporary Security
Perimeter Security
Small Presence
Virtual Guard Protection
Improve Lighting
Quick to Deploy Solar
Large Presence
Virtual Guard Protection
Quick to Deploy Solar
Large Presence
Virtual Guard Protection
365 Days of Protection
FREE Site Evaluations
Quality Installations
Monitoring Command Center United States United States United States United States
Live Video Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Continuous Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
720P – 1080P IR Cameras Yes Yes Yes Yes
A/C Powered System Yes Yes No Yes
Advanced Video Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cellular Air Card Yes Yes Yes Optional
High Intensity LED Lights No Yes No Yes
Live Voice Down Features Yes Yes No Yes
Lour Siren / Strobe Optional Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Yes Yes Yes Permanent Solution
Smart Phone App Viewable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Solar Option Optional No No Optional
Benefits Fraction of the cost compared to a Security Guard.
Areas where your other cameras do no reach.
Audio, sirens & strobe lights to deter criminal activity.
Eyes on assets at all times.
Security for temporary problem areas.
Protect Outside Assets
Watch Property Anytime
Improve Safety
Monitor Employees
What is the right
Security Solution
for you?
Construction Sites
Neighborhood Watch
New Home Construction
Parking Lots
Perimeter Security
Port Security
Auto Dealerships
Car Rental Facilities
Industrial Facilities
Lay Down Yards
Recycling Facilities
Storage Facilities

*Pricing Disclaimer:  Pricing is subject to change with live monitoring services.  Prices may vary because each location and each customer is unique, some requiring more or different hardware for the same services.  Danner’s Security makes every effort to find a practical hardware and monitoring solution you can afford.

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