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We take great pride in having over 74 years of experience in the security industry. We take great care in our service offerings, never offering more than a business needs.  We look at the big picture and also pride ourselves in finding a practical security solution that any business can afford.

Need an armed or unarmed security guard to help secure your business? Keep your business safe with an experienced, professional security guard from Danner’s Inc. Our highly skilled team of security professionals have years of experience protecting businesses against theft, intrusions, & lost inventory.  To learn more about our securigy guard services visit our security guard services page. Read More

Our video Surveillance & monitoring services give business owners the piece of mind that our highly trained security officers are monitoring your property and valuables while you are away. These services have been proven to deter and prevent the theft or vandalism for our customers. Visit our live video monitoring and surveillance page for more information. Read More


Our FREE RISK ASSESSMENT will provide you with alternative solutions to help improve the security in and around your property.

Danner’s Security has over 74 years of experience in helping customers identify security risks for their assets. We provide free risk assessments that will include the risk identification, vulnerability assessments, and impact analysis on your assets. Read More


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