Car Rental Facility Security Services

Video Monitoring & Surveillance Solutions for Car Rental Facilities


For car rental facilities, preventing vandalism and theft is a constant challenge. On-site security guards cannot be everywhere all the time, leaving valuable assets exposed. But with the professional car rental facility security provided by Danner’s, we provide 24-hour monitoring to keep an eye on your assets while you are away. If a potential threat is suspected or in progress, our monitoring office will contact the police immediately and ensure a quick response.


  • We can install new car rental facility security equipment or provide monitoring of existing cameras
  • When Danner’s Security calls police, they respond promptly because they trust us
  • We have experience in car rental facility video surveillance and monitoring, and we understand the unique challenges this type of monitoring presents
  • Our video monitoring services are the most effective and economical security option for car rental companies and auto dealerships

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With Danner’s Security in your corner, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected with the best security, technology, and monitoring officers available. The next time a potential threat arises at your lot, make sure someone sees it and ensures it’s handled promptly.

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