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Prevent Construction Site Theft with Danner’s Security


Construction site theft is a major issue that costs businesses billions of dollars each year. Commercial construction sites are hit with more than $1 billion in heavy equipment theft annually. It gets worse. Residential construction sites lose more than $4 billion in theft and vandalism every year. More than 70 percent of these thefts are from jobsites that lack proper security.

That’s where Danner’s Security can help. With our around-the-clock construction site security systems, you’ll have someone carefully monitoring activity on your construction site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s like having a virtual security guard who never sleeps, blinks, looks the wrong way, or misses any threat.

Already have cameras on your jobsite? Our monitoring officers can watch them 24/7/365. Need video monitoring security for your construction site? We’ll install the latest technology to ensure all of your property is always being watched.

  • Our monitoring officers are highly trained in handling potential threats and suspicious behavior
  • When we call the police, they respond fast, because they know it’s a serious matter and not another false alarm
  • Our video monitoring command center records a backup of the events and stores it securely to be used as evidence

Our construction site security services ensure that your property is being protected day and night. It’s the most effective and economical way to prevent construction site theft.

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The next time there’s a potential threat on your construction site, make sure someone sees it and ensures a prompt response. With Danner’s Security 24/7 construction site security solutions, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your property is protected with the best security, technology, and monitoring officers available.

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