Custom Video Surveillance Systems for Your Business

Danner’s Can Protect Your Business with Custom Video Surveillance Systems

Customized Video Surveillance Camera Solutions – Houston TX and Surrounding Areas

ircam-smallIf you or your business houses valuable equipment or materials outside that are a common target for thieves, we can create a custom video surveillance system that’s just right for your needs.

Danner’s security can monitor surveillance cameras from a 24-hour dispatch center while you are asleep or away – providing peace of mind. Your surveillance footage is sent to our dispatch center via high speed internet to be carefully monitored by highly trained security officers.

Our high-tech custom video surveillance systems provide comprehensive security for various industries with unique security concerns including:

High-Tech, Affordable, and Effective Security Solutions

With a variety of camera options designed to meet your security needs, from license plate recognition to low light solutions, Danner’s can provide custom video surveillance systems for every situation.

Our cost-effective Megapixel IP cameras (Internet Protocol Cameras) provide video footage with great detail and the ability to stream live surveillance from anywhere. These cameras perform excellently for daylight surveillance and at night. These security cameras come in all weather housing, with continual performance even in extreme outdoor conditions. Rain, sleet, snow, high winds, and even sand storms do not compromise their impenetrable casing.

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Our cameras are mobile ready, streaming surveillance footage to your smartphone, mobile device, or computer 24 hours a day.  And when you can’t watch what’s going on, we’re on call to monitor your site from our dispatch command center. Contact us today to learn more about the custom video surveillance systems available for your business.

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