Camera Systems for Businesses


Camera systems can help to secure your business starting at a fraction of the costs compared to a Security Guard. Danner’s will work with you to install a security camera system at strategic locations throughout your business starting at a fraction of the costs compared to a security guard – with remote monitoring included!  Our camera systems for businesses are ideal for urban or remote areas and are fully functional even in off-grid locations without electric infrastructure. Our professional grade camera systems are equipped with many of the same agile capabilities as the self-contained portable security systems, and much more.

Monitored Video Surveillance Package Highlights

  • Maximum Visibility
  • Outdoor Security Monitoring
  • Cheaper Than Security Guards
  • Dynamic Zooming and Spanning
  • Easily Installs Anywhere
  • Motion & Sound Sensors
  • Event Based Alarms
  • Self Sufficient Power System
  • 24 Hour Surveillance Monitoring Ready
  • Stream Live Footage to your Phone
  • Monitors Your Entire Site
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras
  • Streams Video Surveillance Online
  • On Demand Video Monitoring
  • We Call the Police for You
  • Silent or Loud Alarms

Our Virtual Guards Monitor Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance Systems

We can monitor your existing CCTV security camera system or install a custom solution for your business. With 24/7 monitoring by trained security personnel, our systems are ideal for:

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