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Video Surveillance Services and Security Guards

With 80 years of experience providing security services, Danner’s is well-versed in what it takes to secure your business. We offer a fully customizable range of services to suit your security needs. Whether it’s live-streaming video services in a building, remote monitoring of a shopping center, providing construction site surveillance, or on-the-ground security, Danner’s has you covered. Our 24/7 monitoring station is always on, meaning your business is always secure.

Our video surveillance systems and fixed mount camera solutions employ cutting-edge video analytics technology to automatically monitor live video streams and provide timely and actionable alerts for a wide variety of actions in real time.

Contact us today to learn how we can custom tailor our offerings to meet your unique security situation.


Danner’s Security is a trusted security company with 80+ years of experience in security cameras, surveillance systems, and custom security solutions. Our team of professionals work to effectively match security service offerings to your business needs.


We specialize in customizing our offerings to the unique needs of each industry we serve whether a oil & gas facility, car dealership, construction site, or more. The industries we serve trust Danner's and are fully protected with the newest technologies.


Shield, our Security as a Service program, is an exclusive and convenient monthly payment option that allows your business to enjoy security solutions with added protection, flexibility, and control. Preserve capital and stay up-to-date with security technology.


If an intrusion is detected, our Danner’s virtual security officers, who are on alert 24-hours a day, will announce via voice call down that the intruder has been detected, that they are being watched and that the police will be dispatched. This often results in the intruder fleeing the scene before further action is required. In addition, video footage of the event can then be handed to authorities or the client for future use.


Deterrence is key in preventing vandalism and theft from the interior and exterior of your business. Our security solutions, both mobile surveillance units and fixed-mount cameras, are strategically placed making potential thieves aware the premises are being watched. Loud voice call downs, accompanied by bright lights, alert the would-be vandals and thieves to vacate the property immediately, deterring them from further criminal activity.


Danner’s trained experts can assess an event in minutes, providing necessary action from what they see on mobile surveillance units or fixed-mount camera systems. Our security camera service can be customized to your needs, offering video analytics, license plate capture, suspect details and more, allowing our highly-trained video monitoring experts and virtual security guards to act swiftly from the start.


Response time is critical in these situations and our virtual security team operates from company response protocol. After an intrusion has been detected, the live video monitoring team will alert local authorities, provide verification and guide responders directly to the area where the intrusion occurred or where the criminals are located. In addition, they are able to notify emergency contacts and provide video footage and still shots from the surveillance cameras.


Ready to install a cctv camera? Danner’s Security has been in the security business for over 80 years offering unparalleled security solutions to fit a variety of security needs and budgets. Whether it’s live camera surveillance to guard construction sites, fixed-mount to protect shopping centers or both at a high-traffic auto dealership, Danner’s experts can work with you to find the ideal security solution to protect your assets.


Our surveillance options include: live video monitoring for fixed (stationary surveillance) cameras, mobile (portable security equipment) surveillance cameras, and custom security solutions.


Danner’s provides professional security officers serving the greater Houston and Gulf Coast areas that are the best in the business, putting their skills to work in the field where it matters most.

Core Services

Danner’s Security offers a variety of high-tech solutions to fit all of your security needs.

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