Event Based Surveillance

What is event based surveillance?

When we talk to you, we’re not going to try and impress you with a lot of technical details that will put you to sleep.  We’ve been doing security for 80 years and we know what works!  Event based surveillance is simply a means by which we help our customers set up electronic devices for routine monitoring and evaluation of an event that results in a specific reporting method.  Our #1 goal is to prevent theft, vandalism, and/or damage to your property.  Our proven reporting methods are site-specific to each location; therefore, each response is tailored to our customer's needs.

Our state of the art video monitoring software detects any motion and sends a live video image to our licensed security officers from a remote location.  Our officers are trained on how to handle any potential threat as if they were observing the intruders on-site.  Our dispatch servers log all video events as a back-up and allow our security officers to review an event for communication to the proper authorities.

8th Wonder Testimonial

Watch this short testimonial video to hear how we help 8th Wonder Brewery and their customer's property stay safe and secure. Their service includes a mobile unit with video monitoring, strobe light, and voice call down.

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