Remote Video Monitoring & Security Services

Operators of chemical and gas processing facilities face unique challenges in providing security to their businesses. Luckily Danner’s understands the hurdles that come with providing comprehensive chemical facility monitoring, video surveillance, and security solutions for this important industry.

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Affordable Video Equipment for Facility Monitoring and Surveillance

Danner’s works to provide chemical facility monitoring systems for every situation, from license plate recognition to low light solutions.

Our systems feature video surveillance cameras that are mobile ready and can stream surveillance footage to your smartphone, mobile device, or computer 24 hours a day. These surveillance cameras come in all weather housing and provide continual performance even in extreme outdoor conditions – meaning your assets are always secure. And when you can’t watch what’s going on, we’re on call to monitor your site from our dispatch command center.

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We understand that the needs of each business are unique, so we invite you to contact us to discuss the custom chemical facility monitoring solutions we can offer for your business. Contact us today!