New Home Development Remote Video Monitoring & Security Solutions

With theft and vandalism on home construction sites costing builders over one billion dollars every year, the importance of investing in residential construction site video surveillance and overall security can’t be overemphasized. In an intensely competitive home building market where every dollar counts, you can’t afford the losses that come with criminal activity. That’s where Danner’s Security can help.

With our always-on remote video monitoring for building sites, you can enjoy total peace of mind that the activity at your new home development job site is being broadcasted to our security headquarters day and night. Having new construction security cameras is like having a virtual security guard who never falls asleep or looks the wrong way. If there’s any criminal threat, it will be recorded and our experienced agents will respond as soon as the threat is detected.

Danner’s Security offers:

  • On-demand monitoring of existing cameras or installation of new construction site security systems.
  • Experience in residential construction security cameras, surveillance, and monitoring.
  • Construction site security camera systems - A highly effective and economical new home builder security option.

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Need a physical security presence on your job site?

We can place security guards on your working home sites. Danner’s Security guards are the best in the business. With extensive experience and the highest level of training, our home site security guards can secure your construction site and deter potential criminals. It’s the best way to prevent theft and vandalism where your crews are.

With Danner’s Security monitoring your new home development, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected by the best security, technology, and monitoring officers available.

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New Home Construction Security Surveillance
New Home Construction Security Surveillance
New Home Construction Security Surveillance