Real Estate Property Security & Property surveillance

Coordinating reliable and trustworthy real estate security is one of the most important things you can do to protect your assets. With 80 years of experience as one of the best security companies in Houston, we are well-equipped to protect a variety of types of real estate, especially during periods of vacancy. We employ state-of-the-art technology, including mobile surveillance and residential security cameras, to give our commercial and private clients peace of mind.

     Our Security Solutions     

What is Real Estate Security?

Vacant property security, or real estate security, can include video and in-person surveillance of any type of building or development. We can protect a variety of sites including apartment buildings, complexes, single-family homes, developments, construction sites, and vacant lots.

Whether you’re based in Houston or managing a property from a remote location and interested in property cameras, our services are on hand to provide consistent, reliable, and highly-detailed video surveillance security to prevent theft, vandalism, and reduce the risk of squatters.

Our real estate security services are ideal for apartment complex video surveillance, protecting vacant properties, 24/7 monitoring services, and professional security guard monitoring.

Keep Track of Entries and Exits with Property surveillance Cameras

Our 24/7 surveillance services are set up to protect both inhabited and vacant properties. Our team designs and installs strategically-placed video surveillance systems that help minimize the risk of unknown visitors to the property for complete building surveillance.

Our systems can easily monitor all entry points of the property, ensuring that only the appropriate service or real estate personnel are accessing your real estate.

Protect Vacant Properties

Vacant real estate is extremely vulnerable to the threats of vandals, thieves, and squatters. 24/7 protection is key to reducing the risk of costly damage to your site during periods of vacancy and construction. Whether you are a realtor, property seller, rental property owner, or selling homes, Danner's Security is equipped to keep your property secure.

We are equipped to provide a range of real estate security for situations including pre-sale homes, apartment buildings undergoing construction, or vacation rentals.

Access Your Video Surveillance System Anytime

We utilize mobile surveillance options that allow owners or property managers to easily survey sites from the ease of their mobile device. This is especially convenient for our clients that oversee multiple properties, need general building video surveillance, or who are in the process of moving and need a reliable company to keep an eye on their home or apartment building.