If you own or operate a construction site or jobsite in the Houston metro area, the security of your construction or jobsite should be a top priority.

Why is theft and damage on construction and jobsites so common?

Construction sites and jobsites are often considered easy targets for thieves compared to conventional robbery targets. Several factors, such as remote locations, open air worksites/locations, and high-value items are contributing factors. In addition, the contents of jobsites, such as heavy machinery, tools, copper piping, and other miscellaneous items, mean these locations offer a high return on investment for thieves.

Aside from the potential high return on investment for thieves, jobsites and construction sites by nature tend to be very poorly secured. If you are not taking jobsite security solutions seriously then you are helping to support the problem of construction site theft. However, there are several measures that can be taken to help decrease the likelihood that you will be a victim of theft and/or damage.

Security Basics: Signage, Fences and Locks, and Lighting

At the most basic level, the first step you should take toward protecting your assets is to ensure that your site is equipped with adequate signage indicating the site is private property and that trespassing is forbidden.

In addition, fences that surround a construction site are relatively inexpensive and can offer a clear indication to any outsiders that the area is strictly off limits. Unfortunately, fences offer little protection in the way of actual security. They can be easily cut, climbed over, and breached through other ways. However, they do create an obstacle between your assets and a potential thief.

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The final basic security measure you should be implementing is adequate lighting. Some people may be afraid of the dark, but not thieves. They prefer to work in the dark because it offers protection for their thievery. To counteract, ensure that you have some form of lighting present on your site at all times of darkness. Lighting has a preventative effect of thinking that the site is occupied, as well as increases the risk that an intruder will be seen. If you cannot afford to light the entire worksite, motion sensor lights can also have a secure effect and require less overhead.

Advanced Security: Audible Alarms and Security Guards

The items above mainly serve as deterrents to theft and will do very little to actually protect your property. In addition to secure your assets and attempt to actively prevent theft, advanced security items such as alarms, physical guards, jobsite security cameras, and video monitoring, are essential.

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Few things strike fear into the hearts of intruders as much as an audible alarm. Audible sirens, flashing lights, and the very real threat of exposure generally compels intruders to drop what they’re doing and flee as quickly as possible. Silent alarms are a possible option, but you take the risk of a thief making an escape before law enforcement can arrive.

Security guards are often thought of as the most effective solution for business owners looking to secure assets in remote locations, as many believe that a human presence on-site provides an unbeatable layer of protection. However, security guards offer many disadvantages. They may become bored or distracted during long shifts, and might even find themselves in physical danger should they interrupt a robbery in progress. Plus, security guards can only cover a set amount of territory at any given time, meaning determined thieves can easily circumvent them.

The Ultimate Security Solution: Monitored Video Surveillance

The legacy of video surveillance conjures up ideas of grainy videos from a fixed position that do little more than document a theft as it occurs. Modern video surveillance has developed far from this idea into an effective security solution.

With modern video surveillance solutions, you can secure a property in even the most remote location. Flexibility in deployment ensures that your entire property is covered with minimal to no blind spots. Jobsite security camera systems can be effectively deployed for the duration of your project and then returned upon completion. Additionally, mobile surveillance units can live-stream their security feed for the purpose of remote monitoring.

Danner’s Security, a trusted security provider in the Greater Houston area for 80 years, are experts in the deployment and monitoring of mobile surveillance units. With our remote video monitoring service, our highly trained staff continually monitors your property through the surveillance units and can activate sirens, lights, and pre-recorded messages to deter thieves, as well as alerts authorities at the first sign of threat. Able to cover more “ground” than security guards and respond more quickly, remote video monitoring is a much more comprehensive solution to your jobsite security needs.

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Protect Your Jobsite with Danner’s Security

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