Oil and Gas Remote Video Monitoring & Security Services

For oil and gas companies, protecting valuable assets and ensuring site safety and security are always top priorities. Of course, you can’t be everywhere 24/7. That’s where oil and gas video surveillance systems from Danner’s Security can help.

Our video surveillance solutions for oil and gas companies not only protect your assets from theft, vandalism, and other serious threats, but they can also be helpful in ensuring employee safety and analyzing your job site operations. With a constant eye on your facilities, you get the cost-saving benefits of deterring criminal threats and improving your operations. Away from the facility, we also provide top-notch pipeline and oil field surveillance security cameras where you need them most. 

     OIL & Gas Security Solutions     

Oil & Gas Security Services

Oil and Gas Security and Surveillance

With Danner’s Security, you’ll get 24/7 video surveillance with our monitoring officers constantly keeping a sharp eye on your property.

  • We offer on-demand video monitoring of existing cameras or we can install new equipment. Need oil field drilling video surveillance? We have you covered.
  • Our monitoring officers are trained and experienced in handling potential threats and suspicious behavior. 
  • When we call the police, they respond quickly and make it a priority to get to the site of the incident, because they know it’s not another false alarm.
  • Our video monitoring command center records a backup of the events and stores it securely to be used as evidence.

We make sure that nothing gets overlooked. The second any threat arises, we take action by calling the authorities and helping deter the intruders. Danner's Security knows the need for wireless security cameras at oil and gas well sites. We have the proper technology and security services you need to keep your facilities and assets protected including remote view security camera systems and mobile surveillance cameras for your oil and gas sites.

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With Danner’s Security as your security ally, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your oil and gas sites are protected by the best security, technology, and monitoring officers available. Whether it's oil and gas production surveillance, a completely custom security system, or just general security, Danner's is ready to help.

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