COVID-19 Protective Security Solutions 

Mask Detection, Social Distancing Monitoring, Thermal Cameras, and Occupancy Counting Technology 

Safety and security measures have evolved as businesses are now looking for ways to protect employees and customers against COVID-19. Our security solutions include mask detection technology, social distancing technology, thermal camera technology, and occupancy counting technology to ensure compliance with state laws and to detect potential issues before they happen.

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No Face Mask Detection Technology

Using analytics on video security cameras, our video technology allows businesses to detect those individuals not wearing protective face masks.

Monitor Your Workplace

With this capability, facility managers can generate reports to better understand compliance levels to determine if corrective action or additional education is necessary to prevent further issues and advise additional security solutions. Facemasks, whether mandatory or not, help reduce the spread of the virus and keep your employees safe.


Thermal Camera Technology

Increase the efficiency of screening individuals for indications of elevated body temperatures at your facility with our thermal camera technology.

Stay Safe While Checking Temperatures

This contactless security solution enables business owners to protect their facilities and people. This security-grade thermal camera uses video analytics to detect faces, locating, and measuring a person’s temperature, notifying the operator so immediate action can be taken. Keeping your employees and patrons safe is the most important asset in this time.

Social Distancing Technology

Continuously monitor social distancing efforts within your facility to ensure employees and customers are in compliance with AI-powered analytics on our video security cameras.

Locate Possible Hotspots

Facility managers can run a report of when social distancing violations occur, as well as recognize high violation zones and times requiring corrective measures. The last thing your business needs is a case of COVID-19 to spread amongst employees in a workplace hotspot you’re unaware of.



Let our team of experts find a COVID-19 security solution to fit your company’s needs while offering safe and secure methods in the COVID-19 era. For a free estimate, call us today at (713) 597-7495 or click here to contact us online.

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