Commercial and Residential Building and Property Surveillance

Coordinating reliable and trustworthy real estate security is one of the most important things you can do to protect your commercial property. With theft and vandalism costing owners over one billion dollars every year, the importance of investing in office building security, residential construction site video surveillance and overall security can’t be overemphasized.

If you’re a property manager or building owner, you know how complicated multi-family, residential, or condo building security can be. Setting up security alarms for apartments and security cameras for apartment buildings can be both technically and legally difficult. We can help bolster your building security system.

With 80 years of experience as one of the best security companies in Houston, we are well-equipped to protect a variety of types of real estate, especially during periods of vacancy. We employ state-of-the-art technology, including mobile surveillance and residential security cameras, to give our commercial and private clients peace of mind. With our always-on remote video monitoring for building sites, you can enjoy total peace of mind that the activity at your new home development job site is being broadcasted to our security headquarters day and night.

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Vacant property security, or real estate security, can include video and in-person surveillance of any type of building or development. We can protect a variety of sites including apartment buildings, office buildings, complexes, single-family homes, developments, construction sites, and vacant lots.

Whether you’re based in Houston or managing a property from a remote location and interested in property cameras, our services are on hand to provide consistent, reliable, and highly-detailed video surveillance security to prevent theft, vandalism, and reduce the risk of squatters.

Our real estate security services are ideal for apartment complex video surveillance, protecting vacant properties, 24/7 monitoring services, and professional security guard monitoring.


Our 24/7 surveillance services are set up to protect both inhabited and vacant properties. Our team designs and installs strategically-placed video surveillance systems that help minimize the risk of unknown visitors to the property for complete building surveillance.

Our systems can easily monitor all entry points of the property, ensuring that only the appropriate service or real estate personnel are accessing your real estate.


Vacant real estate is extremely vulnerable to the threats of vandals, thieves, and squatters. 24/7 protection is key to reducing the risk of costly damage to your site during periods of vacancy and construction. Whether you are a realtor, property seller, rental property owner, or selling homes, Danner's Security is equipped to keep your property secure.

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Commercial & Office Building Security

Keeping your people and assets safe are of the utmost importance in any commercial building. Whether you’ve already experienced theft or a security breach, it’s necessary to take a proactive approach to protect the building and your employees inside. Most locations will have blind spots in their buildings allowing intruders an easy pass.

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  • Finding the possible risks to your location
  • Protecting your greatest asset - your employees

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We utilize mobile surveillance options that allow owners or property managers to easily survey sites from the ease of their mobile device. This is especially convenient for our clients that oversee multiple properties, need general building video surveillance, or who are in the process of moving and need a reliable company to keep an eye on their home or apartment building.

  • On-demand monitoring of existing cameras or installation of new construction site security systems.
  • Experience in residential construction security cameras, surveillance, and monitoring.
  • Construction site security camera systems - A highly effective and economical new home builder security option.

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One of the most crucial things about setting up secure property management is the strategic placement of apartment security cameras to keep track of entries and exits. This allows our team to keep track of any technicians, non-residents, or delivery personnel that enter the building.

In the case of reported theft, you and your property manager will be able to review the video surveillance system quickly and efficiently to provide missing information that can help resolve the issue. This information can also help prevent future crimes, improving the safety and security of your property over time.



SIMPLIFYING Multi-family residential and condo security

Not only do we offer building surveillance and monitoring, but our services also include access to a well-thought-out strategy to deal with your unique security needs. With multiple people coming and going in a multi-family property, setting up an effective security system can get complicated. Setting off false alarms, forgotten codes, and broken sensors can all lead to a headache for property managers.

We know that there is no one perfect solution to residential building security, but are able to offer a range of options that can help. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to determine what works best when dealing with multiple residents.


With 80 years of experience in the industry, we’re one of the most knowledgeable security companies in Houston. Our clients include property managers, developers, home builders, office buildings, construction firms, retail businesses, vacation rental owners, and more.

We combine decades of experience with an eye for recent crime trends to provide comprehensive building security services for each property. Our highly-skilled team is briefed on the local threats in your area, along with the legal restrictions surrounding property security for renters.

Your apartment security guard alternative

One of the biggest responsibilities you face as a property owner or manager is making sure your tenants feel safe and comfortable in their unit. Several of our clients report that tenants value their landlord’s efforts to protect their complex or apartment building with a community security system.

We offer security guard options that can help minimize theft, vandalism, and crime, while ensuring your tenant's privacy is intact.