Camera Systems for Businesses

Camera systems can help to secure your business starting at a fraction of the costs compared to a Security Guard. Danner’s will work with you to install a security camera system at strategic locations throughout your business starting at a fraction of the costs compared to a security guard – with remote monitoring included!

Our camera systems for businesses are ideal for urban or remote areas and are fully functional even in off-grid locations without electric infrastructure. Danner's Security experts can detect vulnerable locations on your property and strategically place cameras that allow our virtual security guards to keep an eye on your business around the clock.

Our professional-grade camera systems are equipped with many of the same agile capabilities as the self-contained portable security systems, and much more.

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Surveillance camera angles

Monitored Video Surveillance Package Highlights

- Maximum Visibility
- Outdoor Security Monitoring
- Cheaper Than Security Guards
- Dynamic Zooming and Spanning
- Easily Installs Anywhere
- Motion & Sound Sensors
- Event-Based Alarms
- Self Sufficient Power System
- Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras
- 24 Hour Surveillance Monitoring Ready
- Stream Live Footage to your Phone
- Monitors Your Entire Site
- Night Vision Cameras
- Streams Video Surveillance Online
- On-Demand Video Monitoring
- We Call the Police for You
- Silent or Loud Alarms


Business owners must be constantly vigilant about outside threats such as unauthorized visitors, corporate espionage, and limited access needs of employees. Access control is a scalable solution that can be applied to smaller office buildings or large, multi-site facilities depending on the needs and requirements of the industry of business. Manage access to physical locations or logistical assets within your organization with access control solutions from Danner’s Security.

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Our Virtual Guards Monitor Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance Systems

We can monitor your existing CCTV security camera system or install a custom solution for your business. With 24/7 monitoring by trained security personnel, our systems are ideal for:

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