If you own or operate a construction site or jobsite in the Houston metro area, the security of your construction or jobsite should be a top priority.

Why is theft and damage on construction and jobsites so common?

Construction sites and jobsites are often considered easy targets for thieves compared to conventional robbery targets. Several factors offer a high return on investment for thieves like:

  • Remote, dark locations 
  • Poorly secured open-air worksites/locations 
  • High-value items at jobsites such as heavy machinery, tools, copper piping

If you are not taking jobsite camera solutions seriously then you are helping to support the problem of construction site theft. However, there are several measures that can be taken to help decrease the likelihood that you will be a victim of theft and/or damage. Read on about 7 Jobsite and Construction Security Solutions.

Advanced Security: Audible Alarms and Jobsite Security Guards

The items above mainly serve as deterrents to theft and will do very little to actually protect your property. In addition, to secure your assets and attempt to actively prevent theft, advanced security items such as alarms, physical guards, jobsite security cameras, fixed mount camera solutions, and video monitoring services, are essential.

The very real threat of exposure generally compels intruders to drop what they’re doing and flee as quickly as possible. Strike fear into the hearts of the intruders with our audible, ear-piercing alarms and sirens and flashing lights for everyone to see.